One of the best driving school and at a very reasonable rate. I got to know about Sam Driving School through reference and would definitely recommend and already few of my friends have joined. The classes are well structured and customizable as per the student’s requirements. You will understand all the rules of the road and the rationale behind the rules in detail and simple techniques to learn and improve driving maneuvers like parallel parking, backing.. The driving refresh class before the test is very helpful and will give a crash course of the rules and techniques required to get a license
Mohan Yuvraj

I used to drive in India and wanted to take a driving test. I went to Sam’s driving school and took the one hour warm up session plus test. Sam is a very experienced teacher and he also tells us about every rule and how they count towards our test. The warm up session is highly recommended as Sam makes us do the tasks which we do later in the test and guides us to do in the proper way. He also points our negatives and gives valuable suggestions. Sam corrected my mistakes in the warm up session and I able to do the test and pass it in the first attempt. Sam is a very friendly person and an excellent teacher. I would recommend Sam’s driving school to a friend.
vijay krishna Vemuri

Sam is an awesome instructor! He is very patient, friendly and flexible with the hours. He is very good in explaining all the rules and maneuvers extensively along with the rationale. Way more reasonable than the other schools! I felt very safe and comfortable while taking my driving lessons from him. I would definitely recommend Sam to anyone who wants to learn how to drive in a safe way. Good luck!
Jaipreet Kaur Rayar

Sam is the most patient coach I’ve ever seen. The time table we set up for the driving practices is very flexible, and the price is also very reasonable. Vivian Liu

I learnt driving from Sam last month I loved all the classes and his techniques. I never felt any class hard and I was able to quickly learn things. I recommend Sam for any new driver.
Karthikeyan R

This is the best driving school in Seattle and Bellevue area. The instructor is patient. I am taking driving class right now and it is awesome. The price is cheaper than other driving school. The quality of the driving class is amazing. I would definitely recommend people to take driving class with Sam.
Thomas Li

Sam’s driving school is very good. Sam is a very good instructor and very friendly. I was very comfortable driving under his guidance and understood all the rules. He explained them in a very simple way and I would recommend this school for learning towards obtaining a driving license
Thanks Sam… Great guy and friend!!!

Seshagiri Gopal

Sam Hao 教练兼考官挺不错!尤其对于刚来西雅图的华人来说,语言相通,他的脾气又好,能够反复不厌烦地交代考试规则和技巧。其实对考试和规则更细致一些,是对学生和他人的安全负责。个人感觉,找他学车或考车会更快上手。上午fail后,又能对错误进行讲解,并很快安排下一次路考。

Li Fan


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